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耳環:4A高彩光 7.5-8mm 面包形淡水珍珠, 925純銀鍍金防敏感耳針

頸鏈:5A級正圓淡水珍珠5mm - 強光白(青光色) 無暇,

3A級正圓(6-7mm) 強光白 無暇

925純銀鍍金, 14K包金小配件
鏈長: 約45cm
包裝:灰色包裝盒,紙袋, 抹銀布

Cute Heart Necklace with Earrings Set

SKU: 10
  • Material: 4A grade Fresh Water Pearl

    Earrings: bread shape 7.5-8mm, 925 silver with gold plating ear studd

    Necklace: 5A grade 5mm (Round) with green light & No crack

    3A grade 6-7mm  (Round)  & No crack

    925 silver with gold plating, 14K gold filled parts

    Color of Pearl: White

    color of Studs:  925 silver plated gold

    Packing: light grey gift box, Paper Bag, Anti- Tarnish Silver Polishing Cloth