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  1. Pink crystal and doing business: attracting contacts and promoting business relationships. Pink crystal can open the wearer's heart and make the wearer feel happy. The reason why pink crystal is rumored to attract peach blossoms is precisely because its most fundamental role is to attract contacts! Many merchants will hold the raw ore of pink crystal, or polished parts (such as the pink crystal seven-star array) in a special position of the store to attract popularity for the store. If you are in business, placing pink crystal seven-star arrays or ornaments will help reduce consumers' vigilance, comparison and defense ability, and they can buy with confidence and boldness. Public relations and business promotion.

  2. Pink crystals and office workers: transfer to attract peach blossoms, and the popularity is more prosperous. The gentle and attractive pink light emitted by pink crystals can make people around them love themselves, and has a particularly important impact on the harmony of the office and the relationship between people. . Whether it is for customers, bosses, subordinates and colleagues, pink crystal can bring excellent assistance and improvement effects, making interpersonal relationships more rounded and popular. If you are single, wearing pink crystals can help you transfer peach blossoms, and pink crystals can make people look more friendly. If your work requires dealing with people, you might as well wear a string of pink crystals!

  3. Pink crystal and physical and mental health: Relieve tension and irritability, and keep your mind calm. If used for treatment, pink crystal is a healing crystal, which mainly develops the heart chakra, strengthens the health of heart and lung functions, and can relax tense emotions. Soothe irritable mood, make the mind broad. Therefore, pink crystal definitely has a positive effect on interpersonal relationships, love and strengthening one's own charm. Its effect and speed in healing psychic pain is far above its other effects, and also above other crystals.

  4. Pink crystal and love: the crystal of choice for recruiting peach blossoms and protecting love!
    Pink crystal is almost one of the favorite crystals of all girls, adding pink light, so it is called "love stone". The pink crystal has a delicate color and always exudes charming charm. The pink crystal bracelet is light in color, not unassuming, not seductive, like a water hibiscus, fresh and refined; the pink crystal bracelet or the pink crystal pendant emits a warm and charming pink light, It can soften temperament, increase popularity, enhance heterosexual affinity, and attract good marriage


Pink crystal is an important crystal about love. When the heart chakra is open and full of love, we can get the following benefits:

. be more compassionate to others

. Soften anger and competitive mentality

. Reconciliation conflict

. Heal a broken heart

. Alleviates anger, jealousy, frustration, stress and hypersensitivity

. Demonstrate tenderness, harmony, peace and affection, and unconditional love

. Gentle Protection: Transforming the Discordant Energy from the Surroundings

. Create love energy around you

Also known as hibiscus crystal (love crystal), it emits a mild and attractive pink light. The pink aura can make people around you love you, especially your irritable, irritable and impulsive personality can be greatly improved. , so hibiscus crystal can make interpersonal relationships more rounded and popular.

Its functions are:

1. Improve interpersonal relationships.

2. Assist and improve to make business more prosperous and work more satisfying.

3. It can develop the heart chakra and help to pursue love.

Fourth, the main heart of pink crystal can improve the mood.

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