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Animal communication information:



✨All will be answered via real-time remote connection or will be responded to within 48 hours✨



🩷 #communication with deceased pets 🩷 (Only applicable to one pets at a time, it is recommended to communicate with him 3 days after his death)

Requires 30mins usage starting from HK$1088

45mins HK$1500

60mins HK$1800



🧡Communication with living pets🧡

15mins about 3 questions/message (HK$480)

About 5-6 questions/messages in 30mins (HK$888)

45mins about 8 questions/message (hk$1200)

60mins about 10-13 questions/message (hk$1600)


You can communicate with 2 pets in each communication

One question to two furry kids is two questions



Ask body questions need to  ask two question ( about your furry pet’s feelings and body scan from me) 


To understand the causes of sudden changes in pet's condition, emotions, moving house and improving pet behavior, dying, and serious illness, please choose a plan of more than 30 minutes(for one pet) 



It takes at least 30mins -45mins or more to deal with a behavioral problem

Time is limited, so it all depends on the pet's answers in detail or not✨

It all depends on his character.


Serious illness/end of life/urgent case+HK$200

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Living pet communication case sharing

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